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Our Investments

Kitchenbowl is a social community for cooking enthusiasts (e.g. Houzz for Cooking). Kitchenbowl leverages mobile for content creation, the web for distribution, and are innovating on the recipe format (photo recipes). Ultimately, Kitchenbowl is focused on creating a mobile community where they can drive pre-intent users (from inspiration & planning) to e-commerce purchases.

Plum’s cloud based hiring solution assesses each job applicant’s problem solving ability and personality priorities, the main predictors of job performance, quickly identifying those candidates with the right fit. We test everyone; before any resumes are read, before you decide who to interview and it can’t be gamed by a candidate.

Code Fellows is a Seattle-based program, which runs two-month programming classes for aspiring software engineers. From Web Development to iOS Development, Code Fellows helps set a foundation for your personal growth plan. By the end, you'll feel confident as a full stack developer pursuing a job hunt.

Who We Are

Chasing Unicorns is the investment arm of Stripes39, a Seattle based startup studio. Investment decisions are made by the consensus of three individuals:

Salil Jain, CEO, Stripes39

Quang Dinh, CMO, Stripes39

Carl Ng, COO, Stripes39

How We Invest

We seek to be the first investor and make $100,000 - $500,000 investments in ventures where we believe there is a disproportionately high probability of success based on the quality of team, value of the product, user acquisition mechanism, and (almost always) monetization plan. We pride ourselves in helping our entrepreneurs create success and our ability to leverage our core competencies are often part of our investment equation.

We also make small $25,000 investments in companies when (1) We find utility in the product ourselves, (2) We see strategic value in investing - typically knowledge acquisition or relationship building, (3) We believe in the positive impact of what is being built, (4) We want to support the particular entrepreneur.

"It is rare to find investors who provide clear value for consumer products. Chasing Unicorns is a trio of successful entrepreneurs who have been through the roller coaster ride of a startup, scaled multiple consumer verticals, and lived to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is this experience that makes them an invaluable asset to our team."

Ryan Waliany - Kitchenbowl

Contacting Us

We are currently only accepting pitches via personal introductions.

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